A new professional qualification path for teaching teams!

After the professionalisation path for training staff launched between 2012 and 2014, a second path will be opened on Monday 13 April this time intended for all teaching staff on the Campus Veolia France network.

Last week, the first "trainees" worked on 156 questions randomly drawn from the assessment diagnosis on our LMS platform. 
Based on this assessment and depending on the scores obtained per module (there are over 50 in this second professional qualification path), each of the "trainee" trainers will receive a custom training plan to acquire and validate the modules required to obtain the 'professional adult trainer' or "professional CFA trainer" qualifications. Both of these qualifications are recognized to be of graduate level by submitting an Experience and Skills Validation (VAE) file to the local Acquired Academic Skills Validation system (DAVA).

 This professionalisation course is a first for the Campus network. It is performed in the blended-learning format alternating: 

- experience: building a training project lasting throughout the professional qualification process overseen by the trainee's N+1 colleague (project that will supply the VAE file).

 -remote learning: based on the acquisition of theories, concepts, principles, and other knowledge required through e-learning. 

- face-to-face learning: comprising 3 grouping periods of 2 days each to apply the knowledge acquired in remote learning.
These grouping periods are spread over 6 to 8 months and will enable all trainers in the Campus Veolia network to join this training path during the year 2015.

In addition, this path is fully in line with the new training policy driven by the reform of March 2014.