High quality educational engineering

Campus Veolia, the expert in environmental service careers

Local authorities and companies face numerous training challenges in the environmental sector. Skills must be constantly adapted to professions that are continually gaining in complexity, but changes must also be anticipated by training staff in the new green economy technologies and enabling high quality career development.
Campus Veolia puts its knowledge and operational excellence at the service of businesses and local authorities to provide practical solutions to players in the environmental sector. 

Its ambition is to place its expertise at the service of its customers by providing access to training courses dispensed by experts from the professions in question.
One of the main objectives is to enable trainees and work-study students to be trained in environmental service jobs as close to the realities of the field as possible: continuous training and work-study courses that integrate the customer's challenges and the ever changing technologies involved.

Campus Veolia offers skills and training solutions to help technical teams progress and address operational realities and local challenges.
Campus Veolia is a comprehensive and cutting edge offer available for professions in the environmental sector through customised modules designed to help companies meet their regulatory obligations in terms of prevention, health and safety as well as CSR and sustainable development along with full skills management support (training plan, skills assessment...).