Life-long training

Technical or technological skills, sales or industrial know-how, performance in research and innovation... Ensuring a high skills level in all these areas is a major challenge for Veolia. The Group has developed an ambitious training policy to take up this challenge. It aims at meeting immediate performance challenges and anticipating future skills needs. At Veolia, training is available for all categories of staff and is provided at all stages in their working lives, from the integration of new employees and throughout each one's entire career.

Campus Veolia accompanies Veolia and all its customers, local authorities and contractors by setting up training systems tailored for technical teams. Training is placed at the service of the employee's individual development and is a guarantee of the company's collective performance. Strengthening skills, facilitating the professional advancement of its employees and successfully integrating them into the company, all help maintain a high quality of service, strengthening operational management by managers and developing an entrepreneurial spirit.

What are each person's rights to training?

The Individual Training Right (DIF) of any employee takes the form of an accumulation of training hours (20 hours per year). These hours can be cumulated for 6 years up to 120 hours.

What continuing education facilities are available to staff?

Skills develoment and career progression (1.08 MB)

Skills development contract 
This contract enables any employee, in agreement with their company, to follow a diploma training course for career development purposes. Employees use their DIF training entitlements; the company takes on any complementary training.

Period of professionalization
The period of professionalization combines training and acquisition of know-how by carrying out activities related to the qualification being studied in the company. For those who are undergoing professional retraining, this system must enable them to acquire the skills to perform the new duties they will be offered in Veolia.

Individual Training Leave (CIF)
An employee may use this scheme when they wish to be trained independently of the needs defined with their company if they have the necessary seniority. The FONGECIF is the financing organisation.

Over 600 training modules are available at Campus Veolia.