Training at the service of local authorities and contractors

Partners, managers, trained staff, tutors and trainers talk about their recent experience of training in the Campus Veolia network.

We promote continuous skills development

Hana Zientkova
responsible for training and skills development at Dalkia Ceska Republika

« Our professions require on-going adaptation due to changing technologies and processes. This is why Dalkia employees in the Czech Republic must be able to develop their skills throughout their careers. With the Veolia Campus in Prague, they have access to a wide range of training courses. This concerns both long duration courses – for example two days per week over several months – and short courses. Depending on the case, these courses can be in the framework of partnerships that we have set up with universities and colleges. And the facilities on the Campus offer many opportunities (also through the e-learning system), both for technical training and other courses such as languages for example. In conjunction with the Campus, Dalkia can thus continuously improve the skills of its employees. »


The training provided by Veolia brings real added value to our company

David F. Potts
Manager in charge of recovery, Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G)

« Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) is one of the ten biggest electricity companies in the United States. It has been calling on Veolia's services for ten years now, in particular for waste recycling. Each year, Veolia provides training for our employees on the transport of waste and hazardous products. This training, required by local and national regulations, enables both our employees level of awareness to be raised and our practices to be made compliant with new regulatory requirements. This training provides real added value to our company. It is also part of our contract with Veolia. This training is also developed jointly by Veolia and PSE&G: so it is perfectly suited to our specific needs. »


Training, to make the difference

Axel Sondermann,
 Managing Director of Veolia Verkehr in Germany, whose business is essentially oriented towards regional rail networks

« For Veolia Verkehr, training is clearly a way to stand apart from the competitors. Our competitors do not have the same capacity to train new train drivers or on-board sales agents. For fifteen years, we have developed practices to train these people in a very short period of time and direct them to the needs of customers. This very pragmatic approach concerns both the hiring of profiles – Veolia Verkehr has established an efficient partnership with employment agencies – and the training of new recruits who are often job-seekers. For drivers, this is a diploma course. The prospect of creating a Campus in Germany is more than favourable. It will help us to show the market our social responsibility, while preserving the quality of the training and also developing training synergies between all divisions in the group.